Best of Beauty 2015

Since the end of the year is coming soon, I want to talk about my favorite beauty products of 2015.  This year for me was a period of branching out as far as makeup and skin care is concerned.  I subscribed to a few of those “beauty box subscriptions” and found a TON of products that I loved.

First, a little about me to let you know where the opinion is coming from.  I have very fair skin tone with redness on my cheeks that miraculously shows through the highest coverage foundations *sigh*.  I also have dry skin so I tend to choose products that are moisturizing and leave a dewy finish.  I have pretty standard eyelashes with more thickness than length.  I also have brown, slightly hazel eyes.

NOW onto the fun part, makeup!

This year, I really branched out as far as foundations.  In general, I have a very clear and fair complexion but I do battle with dryness.  So for the most part, I don’t need too much coverage EXCEPT FOR THESE DANG CHEEKS

Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ — IT Cosmetics

Okay, okay I know this isn’t a foundation but to my defense, I grouped it under here because this CC cream is basically a foundation.  I say this because the coverage is amazing, especially for a CC cream and I would say it definitely has the finish of a foundation.  My skin never felt dry after wearing it all day and this never left me with a break out.  This is what I put on my skin when I want to even out my complexion but I didn’t want to spend the time applying, blending and contouring.  When applying this product, I used a Real Techniques stippling brush just to get a nice even, yet slightly sheer, finish.   My ONLY problem with this product was I purchased two shades to get my “perfect” shade that would not require a ton of blending, so at $38 a piece, that was unfortunate. However, the product is so amazing that I would 100% do that again.

Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation — Mac Cosmetics

This is, and 100% will always be, my favorite foundation in the world.  This is the second Mac foundation that I have tried and the difference is night and day.  This foundation left my skin looking like I just returned from the beach in a dewy and glowing way (not a sand in your bottoms, uncrushable hair kind of way).  I wear this foundation for 8+ hours a day and it does not budge.  This is marketed as a sheer finish but it is very build-able.  It also says it is a “natural finish” but I would have to disagree with that.  Based on the fact that I am dry, a natural finish foundation usually appears matte on my skin but this foundation, on me personally, definitely has a dewy finish, but not in an oily way that some foundations appear that say they apply with a “dewy finish”.  I apply this foundation with the Morphe Brushes M439 foundation brush and the finish, in my opinion, looks air brushed.

Brow Wiz — Anastasia Beverly Hills

My eyebrows will never be the same after using this product.  I am cheating a little bit with this, I did use this in 2014, but it needs to make this list because there will never be a product that surpasses this for your brows.  The Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil is the perfect tool to get sculpted, beautiful eyebrows EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  The pencil tip of the brush is great because not only is it pigmented perfectly but because it is not soft like some of the other eyebrow pencils, it is hard so you can get dark pigmentation when you want it but light where you don’t.  The other end of the Brow Wiz is a spooley to tame your brows and manipulate the hairs so you can apply color where you want it.  In addition to these great things, the Brow Wiz comes in tons of colors to match every hair color too!  Although it is pricey for a brow product, it is worth every single penny, I swear it.


Clear Brow Gel — Anastasia Beverly Hills

When it comes to brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills really does make products that cannot be beat.  This brow gel is ahhhhhhmazing.  It is basically eyebrow super glue.  If you have little hairs with a mind of their own that sometimes drift off, this is your product.  Not only does it make them stay,  it makes the pigment to fill your brows stay too, like a protective covering.  I also really love the way the gel combs through the brow and gives them a look of individual hairs, the wispy look without being “free”.  This product overall is great, it makes your brows last all day, looking great!

Skin Care:

Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash — Origins

This face wash is the perfect gentle cleanser.  My favorite part about it would have to be the way it lathers.  It literally feels like you are cleansing with a moisturizer.  It is so soft and creamy and cleanses so nicely while removing dirt and oil AND not drying you out.  The smell is also so pleasant,  it is minty with hints of lavender, definitely refreshing for morning cleansing.  I loved how it didn’t make your skin feel tight after washing either.  Origins is, by far, my favorite skincare line at the moment, I love the use of natural ingredients and they are so gentle, yet so effective.

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief — Clinique

This moisturizer is my go-to when all else fails.  It is perfect when you have skin that doesn’t seem to absorb anything OR after exfoliating.  The moisture that this cream provides is unlike any other, in my opinion.  I swear after wearing this at night, my skin feels brand new and so supple.  The texture takes some getting used to because it does have a gel-like texture but it does absorbs quickly.  I really do wake up with a brand new face after sleeping in this moisturizer.  And a little goes a really long way with this product.  Another way I love to use it is as a spot treatment under my daily morning moisturizer to give those problem dry spots extra help.  There is a Moisture Surge Intense product in the same line but I think this product is more intense and gets the job done better.

BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator — Vasanti

This is an exfoliator that I received in my June 2015 Birchbox and I loved it so much.  Which is funny because it actually came in my August 2015 Ipsy bag right when I ran out so I could prolong the purchase of the full size product, which happened eventually anyway because this exfoliator is so life changing.  What I really loved about this exfoliator over the others I have tried was the fine exfoliating beads, they weren’t chunky which made it easier for my sensitive skin.  I really felt, like the name suggests, that my skin was rejuvenated and I did really see great cell turnover, meaning my skin drastically changed appearance after using for 2 weeks.  The best part was that, unlike most really great exfoliators, this was a cleanser as well, and a good one at that; removed every ounce of makeup. This product 100% evened out my skin and helped tremendously with my dry skin.


So go out and try these products because I promise you, you will not be disappointed!  We will see what 2016 has to offer as far as beauty goes (hopefully a lot!) because this beauty obsessed chica needs her fix 😛  Comment your favorite products of 2015, I am always willing to try new things!


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