Why Hello There

Welcome to my blog! My name is Krysta and I am a 23 year old who is expanding her horizons in this social media world!  I am a Syracuse University alum, a wife and a soon-to-be mommy.  I currently have a fur-baby pitbull named Samson, we rescued him when he was a little baby pup.  As far as my interests, the list is so long, I figure it may be easier to list what I am NOT interested in, but that would be no fun 🙂  I am obsessed with all things beauty, from skin care, makeup, hair, nails and clothes.  I love to interior design and decorate as well as craft to make things for my space!  I love all things food, cooking, baking and of course, eating 🙂  I think blogging would be a fun way to write all about the things I love and to connect with those who share my opinions or who can teach me something new in return!  I have always wanted to start a blog and although it is not a blog about one specific thing, it is about all types of things that many women (and men) love to read about!  So grab a snack or a cup of tea and join my blogging journey!


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