Confessions: So I Love Organization

Is there anything quite like being really organized? To me, well, no, it is a very euphoric experience and that may make me weird but it really does make life easier.  Some of my friends and family comment on organization as something that takes up too much time but in reality, once you have a system, it SAVES you time.  It makes “spring cleaning” a thing of the past.  My guilty pleasure for sure is closet organization.  It is so easy to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the closet but with limited closet space in apartment and college-dorm settings, I have become a master.

The key? BINS BINS BINS.  By bins I don’t mean your standard rubbermaid totes, I mean anything that fits in the space and contains your, well, crap! Have you ever ventured to the container store (in my case, online)?  It basically is the first place I would stop if I had an unlimited shopping spree, it is the organizer’s dream store but it is pricey and I only own a few things from this site unfortunately.  BUT on the bright side, there are cheaper alternatives that do just the job and could always be replaced in the future when you win the lottery! 😉

My Hall Closet — this closet unfortunately has to double as the linen closet/cleaning product/doggie treat overload/medicine cabinet where we are currently.  Although this sounds like a mess, it is the exact opposite because of my bins (and superb organizational skillz).  The top two shelves in the closet are designated to towels and washcloths, pretty standard, they both have their own piles.  There really are no bins needed for the towels because the piles make it easier to grab and go.  The third shelf acts as the “medicine cabinet” and there are two bins there, one for oral medications and the other for wound care and topicals.  No I am not running a pharmacy, I am just prepared and needed it at one point or another, and also am prone to allergic reactions (hence the abundance of topicals). This is also where you can find the extra toilet paper behind the bins.  The next shelf is where you can find cleaning liquids/foams, also organized in bins.  This bin doubles as a organizational tool and a caddy for when I am cleaning the bathroom or kitchen and need a few products so I can just bring the bin with me.  The fifth shelf is a continued cleaning shelf with boxes of cleaning products like various swiffer pads and dusting wand replacements (also where you can find the swiffer dusting wand).  These products don’t necessarily need bins, I keep them right in their boxes and rip off the ends for easy access, little bins of their own.  Next is the miscellaneous shelf with a bin of random everyday tools, like a hammer, tape measure, a straight edge blade etc. and a bin with random doggie surplus (as in extra treats, collars, nail clippers and brushes).  And of course, Samson knows where this bin is.  And last but not least, the bottom shelf,  where the laundry soap, excess toilet paper (again) and a bin with sunscreen and massive bottles of vitamins are living.

If you’re wondering how the heck you’re going to acquire all of these bins and how do they fit, don’t worry!  I found these bins at the dollar store, the TRUE dollar store so they literally were $1.08 (dang it NY tax) & they sit perfectly side by side.  If you have a larger closet space, shove three bins side by side, MORE POWER TO YOU!

The idea behind all my organization style is organizing based on similarities and frequency of use.  A bin with “wound care and topicals” isn’t going to be in everyone’s closet but for me, I had enough gauze, bandaids, triple antibiotic ointment and benadryl cream to use a separate bin (I understand the weird, I really do) and tools can stay in the garage/toolbox for many people but I am always redecorating and moving things around that these things are necessary for me.  I use this system for under my sinks as well and things getting less use (garbage disposal tabs – used monthly) are placed in the back so bending down once a month to reach isn’t an inconvenience.

Staying organized is also a project for the whole family.  I can’t organize myself and then not have Nick in the loop because then, the system falls apart quickly.  He loves to be organized and tidy as well so it makes things easier.  He does think sometimes the extent to my projects is a little extreme but he appreciates it and follows the system, making it so the tidiness that he desires is easily achieved.

So go empty out your closets and make a system!  You will never regret staying organized, it truly pays off.  And if you love it as much as me, you can carry over the bin system to your fridge (maybe I will delve into that in another post for those of you finding the enjoyment in reading posts like this = me).  Happy organizing!!


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