Beauty Box Subscriptions — Which One Should You Choose?

So yeahhhhhh I am totally one of those people who fell into the “beauty-box craze” but in a special way…I was subscribed to 3 of them.  Now, before you cast your judgey thoughts, they were all different in their own way and I was a little obsessed.  I did finally come to my senses and unfortunately no longer have ANY subscriptions BUT I do have insight for when I decide to subscribe again 😀

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 4.10.32 PM.png


Birchbox and Ipsy were both $10 subscriptions. Boxycharm, however, was $21.

Birchbox, in my opinion, was not worth $10 to me.  The products in the box were always sample size and they were usually not super useful products, like a mascara or a lip gloss, they were more like a hair serum and sun screen (I was subscribed during spring/summer).

Ipsy was worth SO $10.  There were times when you received full size products and little accessories (headbands, bracelets etc.) AND your products came in a cute little re-usable bag.

Boxycharm, although the most expensive, was the most worth the price.  Every item in your box is a full size product.  In addition to that, you always received a makeup brush as well, which in itself costs $20 at Sephora.  These boxes ended up retailing around $140 every time.


Survey & Products

Birchbox’s survey was very conclusive.  Its questions ranged from all ends of beauty, hair texture, skin tone, interest in beauty, price ranges etc.  Every subscriber’s Birchbox was custom to their survey, which was really nice.  However, their products were less than desirable to me.  EVERY BOX CAME WITH A FRAGRANCE which just wasn’t for me.  Those little useless bottles with like 6 sprays total in them UGH!  Also, I feel like Birchbox had a really poor selection of makeup.  I received numerous samples of BB or CC creams that usually never matched my skin tone and outrageous color lip products, which is okay sometimes but I would like more wearable shades.  Overall, as a beauty box, this focused much more on hair and skin rather than makeup and nails.

Ipsy’s survey was short and about general things, like skin type and things of that nature. Definitely not too in depth.  However, Ipsy boxes were very similar among subscribers which would indicate to me that the survey doesn’t really determine which products you will get.  The product spectrum in the glam bag was great though.  I loved the fact that nail polishes were included and how sometimes you would receive a precision eye brush.  The products in these bags also were familiar brands like The Balm, Tarte and Urban Decay.  In addition to high end brands, they also included drugstore brands like Covergirl and Maybelline.  Definitely more focused on the makeup/skincare side of the beauty sphere, there weren’t many hair products in these Ipsy bags but this didn’t bother me.

Boxycharm subscribers all received the same exact box.  There was no survey included in the sign-up process which sometimes made things difficult, like matching blushes and CC creams.  However, I cannot complain because like I said, Boxycharm supplies you with full-size products, EVERY TIME.  I am not kidding, I received a full Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette with 12+ shadows in it and also a full-size leave-in conditioner.  The brushes that came in every box were also not just eyeshadow brushes, I received some medium sized powder brushes and foundation flat brushes.  Boxycharm did only contain high-end products though and some of them weren’t products from the US so it made re-ordering difficult.


Online Shopping on Their Sites and Points

Birchbox had a really awesome website.  It was kind of like an Ulta website, there were a range of products from hair, skin and makeup.  The best part about Birchbox I have to say would be their points system.  After signing up, you received a large sum of points and these were literal spending points.  Every 100 points was $10 off.  After receiving a box, you could review all the products and rack up your points.  Usually any product that you get in your box you could find on their site. HOWEVER, proceed with caution because they were frequently out of stock but you could be placed on a wait list to be notified when they come back in stock.

Ipsy did have opportunities to buy products but it was by no means a shop.  They had special offers and bundles but there really wasn’t open shopping.  Ipsy also has a points system that worked similar to Sephora’s, points could give you a product sample, or you could rack them up and save for a larger product.  Ipsy also has a really cool giveaway system that you can enter on Instagram.

Boxycharm does not have a points system or an online shop — LAME.


Overall, I really enjoyed each of these boxes in their own way. But my ranking would have to go:

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 4.52.31 PM.png

Ipsy overall is the best bang for your buck and is great for someone trying to branch out and try products before purchasing the full-size.  The price is right and the product selections were so great.  100% for me, another plus was the little bags, I loved every single one and loved them for purse organization and travel. I will definitely subscribe to this box again in the future!

Boxycharm, although it was chock full of full-size products, the price is high and the inability to customize your box is unfortunate.  However, it is still a great option for someone who has a very broad range of likes!

Birchbox, coming in last, is still a great beauty box.  I found so many great hair products from this subscription but the fact that there was a small amount of actual makeup products and a waste-of-my-time fragrance sample in every box, I wouldn’t subscribe to this box again.


So you go, subscribe to whichever one you feel OR ALL OF THEM!  Let your beauty obsession thrive!




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