Life Update!

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of posting, life in the Spier household has been a bit crazy these past few weeks.  I figured I would give everyone a little update on what has been going on & to get back into the swing of things 🙂

Big Update #1 – we moved!
THANK GOD!  We are finally out of our apartment.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it was the right place for Nick and I to start out but we outgrew that space very quickly.  It was a 2 bedroom but it was only 800 square feet and with a dog who likes to run laps and with the things you can accumulate in a year, we were busting at the seams.  We also were lucky enough to get out of the last month’s rent due to a couple who needed to move in right away – SWEET!

Now we are all settled in to our 3 bedroom house with a lakefront view and I am so content.  Samson now has a yard to be crazy in & Nick has a garage to tinker in so everyone is happy.  I, for one, have been enjoying the organizing and decorating part of moving and now that everything is pretty much settled, I can enjoy it, sunrises and all 🙂


Big Update #2 – today is exactly 100 days until my due date!
And boy, oh boy, am I excited.  There have been a lot of big changes on the baby front.  Tomorrow, I will be 26 weeks, only 3.5 more months to go (I cannot believe it is already February)!  So many things have changed in the few weeks since I posted!  For one, this baby boy can kick to the high heavens, let me tell you.  Sometimes, it literally makes me jump (or pee) either way, woah.  Also, it was as if over night I developed this big bump AND an almost-waddle gait, nice.

And now for a fun fact, I am an A- blood type.  Although this may not seem very interesting, only 7% of the U.S. population has a negative blood type! (I’m special)  Now the un-fun fact about this is that mothers with negative blood have to receive an injection called RhoGam which essentially is an injection that contains the “factor” that makes your blood positive, masking the fact that theirs (mine) is negative.  This all is important when having a baby because mom and baby share blood supply.  When I decide to have my second child, the RhoGam will have prevented my body from making antibodies that would have attacked the (second) baby through the placenta.  Long (and dense) story short, I have to make everything  difficult, as usual, but baby will be just fine 😉

And last but not least, the nursery is coming together!!!  We have assembled the crib, painted the walls and decorated a bit.  I cannot wait to post pictures of the final product because there are a ton of DIY projects in there so I will do an entire post about it soon 😀

As for other small details about my pregnancy, everything is “perfect” in the words of the doctor.  The not-so-little guy is measuring 2.5 weeks ahead of his anticipated growth judging by femur length (yay, my tall boy, I love watching basketball hehe) and he is in a great position (as I watch my stomach move from the kicking currently under my ribs).  My only complaint is the heartburn, it really would knock anyone’s socks off.  Tums have become a main food group for me, sadly, and their chalky consistency is the bane of my existence.
So yeah, that is what has been happening on this front.  I look forward to posting some more soon, I have a ton planned so stay tuned ❤




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