Skin Care Favorites


Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores
Charcoal is a great ingredient for purifying the skin.  That is why I love this mask as a spot treatment.  On my skin type, this mask is a little bit drying if I use it all over the face but it does the trick as a spot treatment.  I apply a small amount over the blemish with a small concealer brush or a q-tip, let it dry and then go to sleep for the night.  It doesn’t leave any marks or residue on my pillow and washes off the next morning!  Because I rarely use this product over the entire face, I like the travel size (it’s also easier on the wallet!)

L’Oréal Revitalift Bright Reveal Brightening Glow Peel Pads 
These pads are a great drugstore alternative to high-end glycol pads (Juice Beauty or First Aid Beauty have good ones).  When used after cleansing and toning, these pads leave my face looking brighter and feeling smooth.  Glycolic acid is a gentle chemical exfoliant that can be used daily in small concentrations and these pads are perfect for that.  I use them every night!

GLAMGLOW POUTMUD Fizzy Lip Exfoliating & Wet Lip Balm Treatment Duo
Fall weather brings chapped lips, at least for me that is AND with dry lips, exfoliating is a MUST to avoid peeling and roughness.  This duo from Sephora comes with 2 treatments, an exfoliator (Fizzy Mud) and an intense balm (Wet Mud).  These 2 products are my all time favorite this month.

The Fizzy Lip is such a cool product.  It is a physical exfoliator with a really hydrating base so it isn’t too intense.  The awesome part is after massaging the lips in circular motions for a couple of seconds, you add water and it gets fizzy!  I love that effect.  Continuing to massage as it bubbles feels really nice on the lips, I don’t know if it has any other purpose but I enjoy it throughly.  I use this product once or twice a week or after wearing a liquid lipstick because it gets all of the residue and dry skin off!

The Wet Lip is the other part of the treatment.  It is a SUPER moisturizing lip balm and feels so nice especially after exfoliation.  The thing I love most about this product is the consistency.  It is a really moisturizing, smooth balm that stays on all night.  The next morning it is still on my lips and they are SO SOFT!  I use this balm every night but really slather it on the nights I exfoliate.

Both of these products also have a very pleasant mint scent and I can definitely tell the difference using them.  The amount of product you get and the amount you actually use makes these two totally worth the price!

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay
I have a problem with clogged pores.  Not so much the red, white-headed pimples but the clogged pores that just create a flesh-colored bump on your skin.  They never pop (I’ve tried) and they aren’t really painful they just make my skin, well, textured.  I went to my aesthetician and she recommended a clay-based face wash.  She told me that clay works really well to purify but it is not as harsh on dry skin as charcoal.  I went on the hunt for a clay wash with good reviews and I found this puppy.  It alarmed me at first because it is advertised for acne-prone skin but WOW this relieved my texture issues!  This in combination with exfoliation really has helped tremendously.  I use this as my night time cleaner so I can layer on serums and moisturizers before bed to combat the fact that it is a bit drying (what can you expect from a clarifying wash).  Despite the fact that it is made for acne-prone skin, I have not experienced any dry patches or irritation which is something I love about First Aid Beauty, their products are so gentle and work so well!

Bosnia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oil is my favorite way to remove makeup.  I always feel like makeup removers either leave my skin feeling dry or like there’s a residue left behind on my skin.  This product literally dissolves makeup leaving your skin moisturized but cleansed.  I always wash my face after using this product because it does leave your skin very oily (but not in a gross, filmy way).  I love to use this cleaning oil with my more intense face washes because it does a great job at moisturizing and keeping my skin protected so these harsh washes don’t over-strip my skin.  I have already gone through a bottle of this and another is half gone! Safe to say this is a must for me.

Murad’s Pore Reform Skin Smoothing Polish
This is hands down, one of my favorite physical exfoliants.  It has a great texture and really finely-milled exfoliating particles.  This has the consistency of a sugar-scrub but the particles take a while to dissolve, making this a great exfoliator to really rub into the skin.  I also prefer my exfoliators to be separate from my face washes and not 2-in-1 products.  That way, I can really massage the cleanser into my skin and eyes without the fear of being too rough and with the exfoliator, I can skip the delicate spots, like the eyes and edges of my nose.  Overall, I saw an improvement in the texture of my skin using this product every other day.  This was another re-purchase for me, loved it!


I’m always trying new skincare because what good is makeup without a good base!  Let me know if you have tried some of these products or if you have any recommendations 🙂

Happy Sunday xoxo



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